A Universal Generic Unique Repository

(aka a Cix Offline Reader (OLR) and more)

Augur is a message aggregator in development, and this is the home of the alpha release version of Augur. If you want to know more about the background of Augur, see the Augur project page on RunState. Currently Augur is fully operable as an off line reader for the CIX conferencing system.

You will need Java 1.4 or later to run Augur - download from (click the "Get It Now" button). Java 1.4 comes with a technology called Web Start which allows you to launch applications from the web with a single click. The single click in question here is the big button below. Augur will then be installed on your system and set to automatically update when the files are updated to newer versions in the future.

Webstart Augur

Bug reports should be filed either in the Cix Augur conference or you can mail (please start your subject line with "AUGUR:").

Augur is developed by

RunState Consultancy and Java Development

Augur Bandwidth and Hosting generously supplied by

Wizards Internet Products and Services